2020 Honda CR-V in San Marcos, Texas

February 15th, 2021 by

All-Wheel Drive

You may often find yourself getting lost in the routine of work, eat, sleep, repeat, which can make for a very dull life. If you need a little excitement, then we have the perfect thing here at Honda of San Marcos. So get ready to change your lifestyle by adding the 2020 All-Wheel Drive Honda CR-V into the mix. This compact SUV has plenty of features to tackle all excursions, both on and off-road, making you prepared for whatever lifestyle changes your heart desires.

Go Beyond the Pavement

We pushed the CR-V to its limit at the Honda Performance Center of California in the Mojave Desert. This SUV was tested by some of the harshest conditions from extreme temperatures to troublesome terrain, and we are happy to report that the CR-V can handle it all. With real-time all-wheel drive™, the CR-V is always ready to respond to adverse road conditions like sand, snow, rain, or gravel. Having a vehicle with all-wheel drive is hugely beneficial since the drivetrain provides power to all four wheels. If one wheel begins to slip, the other three have it covered, giving you more confidence with unknown road conditions. This will help you tame tough roads and rough weather with ease. There are additional advantaged to consider as well, including:

Better Acceleration – With inclement weather, an all-wheel-drive vehicle will be able to accelerate better than a two-wheel-drive could. Traction is evenly distributed to all four tires with AWD, providing more control and power when you need it most. This also helps with handling capabilities as you will have more control when cornering. So taking the CR-V out for a spin in any weather is doable.

Assistance with Traction and Towing – With improved traction from the all-wheel drive, you can successfully tow more efficiently even in wet weather. Additionally, when you finally find the time to break off from studying and decide to go camping, having a vehicle with AWD will reduce your chances of getting stuck in dirt or sandy areas.

Added Resale Value – We’re not saying you’re going to want to sell your CR-V; if anything, you’ll want to keep driving it until the wheels fall off! But when it comes time to sell, your CR-V with all-wheel drive will have a higher resale value than vehicles with two-wheel drive, especially in areas where added traction and control are necessary. Living in Texas, it’s easy to go from pavement to dirt road, and an AWD system will ensure that you make it to your destination no matter where you venture, making this CR-V higher in demand.

Powerful Performance On or Off-Road

The amount of control this CR-V has thanks to its all-wheel drive, is paired beautifully with its performance capability of cranking out 190 horsepower. Now every journey can be more exciting thanks to the turbocharged engine. With this much control and power, you’re probably wondering how it feels to drive the CR-V. To provide a superior ride, this Honda has fully independent front and rear suspensions to close the connection between the tires and pavement without compromising ride comfort. When you finally have the chance to test the AWD and travel off-road, you won’t worry about annoying noise stemming from the cockpit because this Honda blends functionality with pure driving bliss. The CR-V hosts computer-generated active noise cancellation technology to remove annoying noise and vibration from the passenger compartment. Other features worth noting include the CR-V’s active grille shutters, which can reduce drag by closing off airflow when less engine cooling is needed. This works to improve your highway fuel efficiency, saving you money in the long run.

Spacious Enough For All of Your Gear

One sure-fire way to change up your routine is camping, and venturing into nature with the necessary supplies can become troublesome if you don’t have enough room for your gear. Fortunately, the CR-V has a 60/40 split rear-seatback for a variety of seating and cargo arrangements. This spacious and adaptable cargo area is easy to manipulate and access with a simple pull of the lever in the rear cargo compartment. As you’re traveling to your destination, you can enjoy the CR-V’s Apple CarPlay® system, which can access your text messages, favorite podcasts, music library, and provide directions when you need them.

So whether you need to break free from the routine, a weekend escape, or are looking to do a complete 180, the 2020 All-Wheel Drive Honda CR-V in San Marcos is the compact SUV for you. With all-wheel drive, you can drive confidently in any weather, so stop on by Honda of San Marcos for a test-drive. We have protocols in place to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff during this time, and you can also check out our website anytime for more information. There, you’ll also see that we are home of the Free Lifetime Powertrain Warranty to give you added peace of mind knowing that you’re covered for life.

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