2020 Honda HR-V in San Marcos, Texas

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Honda All-Wheel Drive vs. Subaru Crosstrek

The right vehicle can help you make lasting memories, no matter if you travel into the city or take a country drive. If you have been at home waiting for the right moment to upgrade your family adventure, we are here to say that your patience has finally paid off. At Honda of San Marcos, we have the perfect vehicle that can travel off-road without sacrificing comfort and style while keeping your whole family safe. We are talking about the 2020 All-Wheel Drive Honda HR-V in San Marcos, and for today’s article, we will compare it to the Subaru Crosstrek to see which crossover is king.

Superb Safety and Reliability

Starting with safety, the HR-V and Crosstrek share similar standard features like height-adjustable seat belts, rearview cameras, and a lane departure warning system, but only the HR-V has smart airbags. This system utilizes speed and seat sensors to control how much force is used to deploy the airbags. Seeing as a majority of crash injuries are caused by the airbags themselves, this safety feature is a significant key in protecting passengers of all sizes. This system can even detect if a child is leaning against the door and automatically shut off that side airbag. The Crosstrek doesn’t have smart airbags, so they will always deploy at full force. Reliability and safety go hand-in-hand because unreliable vehicles can leave you stranded along the road, which is anything but safe. For the HR-V, there is a single overhead cam for simplicity in the engine, which reduces the number of moving parts and aids in simplicity. In contrast, the Crosstrek has dual overhead cams adding complexity to the cylinder heads. In a 2019 Initial Quality Study by J.D. Power and Associates, they found that overall, Honda vehicles are better, coming in at 16th and Subaru at 25th in initial quality.

Dare To Go Off-Road

Now that we have covered the safety and reliability of the HR-V, you can comfortably plan your next family outing, knowing that this Honda is incredibly safe. Another thing to factor into your planning is that the HR-V can handle city driving and off-road adventures thanks to its all-wheel drive capability. Every HR-V model is available with all-wheel drive, so you don’t have to compromise if you’re torn between the Sport or Touring. The difference between a vehicle with two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive is that an AWD vehicle has power going into all four wheels separately, while two-wheel drive only allows for two at a time. This can make a big difference in handling, traction, and power when going off-road, and the HR-V can handle it all from inclement weather to sand, and even mud. This system can be included as a safety feature because if one wheel falters, the other three can back it up, so you stay on the straight and narrow.

Construction is Key

When looking into other performance capabilities, the HR-V has a leg up on the Crosstrek due to it weighing about 100 to 200 pounds less. This can provide the HR-V driver with better handling, acceleration, and overall, more efficiency. This Honda is also 5.4 inches shorter than the Subaru, which can make maneuvering and parking in tights spaces more doable. Another handling and suspension feature not found on the Crosstrek is the variable-assist power steering, for low-effort parking, better control at highway speeds, and a better feel of the road. In a test conducted by Motor Trend, it was discovered that the EX-L AWD handles at .84 G’s, while the Crosstrek Premium pulls only .79 G’s of cornering force in a skidpad test. They also tested to see which vehicle could execute the “figure eight” maneuver more quickly, and it’s no surprise to us that the HR-V was superior here as well (27.8 seconds @ .61 average G’s vs. 28.4 seconds @ .58 average G’s). With all of these factors combined to provide you with an unforgettable driving experience, there really is no reason to choose the Crosstrek over the HR-V.

We’ve hit most of the basics as to why the HR-V is the best vehicle to make lasting memories in, as there is more to discover for yourself. If you’re still not convinced that the 2020 All-Wheel Drive Honda HR-V in San Marcos is the superior crossover compared to the Subaru Crosstrek, then feel free to visit us, and put it to the test. We have protocols to ensure your safety during this time, but we understand if you would prefer to do your car shopping online. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns, and remember that we are the home of the Free Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, so buying a car from Honda of San Marcos means that you are set for life!

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